hp masa depan?? secanggih apa yaaaa?
kalo penasaran langsung aja kita intip yuuck..! hehehhee

1. The Amoeba Phone

The Amoeba Phone from Kwak Yeon takes the prize from us, even though it didn’t take honors from the judges. The entire surface is touchscreen-operated and the shape of the handset is meant to fit perfectly to the user’s face. It’s beautiful, but again we think we’d have troubles finding it in the morning.

2.The Chamelephone

The Chamelephone from Hiroyuki Tabuchi is one of our favorites, but it definitely falls into the “futuristic” category rather than “practical.” It’s designed to mimic the color and texture of whatever surface it’s placed on. We can’t find our phones now – this would make it utterly hopeless.

3.The Fold-a-Phone

The Fold-a-Phone from designers Hanna Sahlen and Sachiko Munakata does just what the name implies: it folds up. It’s made of a super-thin material that allows it to be folded down to a small size to be carried in a pocket or purse.

bagaimana,kalo ponsel canggih ini uda keluar di pasaran pada minat beli ga nih?

created by: ratu neysa


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  1. japan suki Said:

    wooow!! canggih….

  2. japan suki Said:


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